Film and TV Productions

AURA FILM provides full service from pre- to post production

AURA FILM performs any TV or film production desired: coverage of events, news reports, and interviews. AURA FILM gets everything ready for your shooting in Brazil and other South American countries:

Research: AURA FILM conducts research on any topic in archives and collections, newspapers and magazines, institutions, libraries, companies, and government departments. We prepare videos, photos and reports on selected location and its infrastructure.

Local manpower and services: AURA FILM works in partnership with producers, technical teams, suppliers and service providers from the audiovisual industry across South America. We have trained professionals to give you all the necessary support. AURA FILM arranges transport, catering and accommodation for your entire crew.

Productions on demand: AURA FILM realizes any production according to customer specifications: coverage of events, news reports, and interviews. We make available for you digital editing suites, live satellite transmission and FTP services in major cities of South America.