Short films by Valeria Valenzuela

1. The closer one gets, the less one sees
An aesthetic intervention into the everyday lives of four kids who perform at Rio de Janeiro´s traffic lights. In this film their objective movements from juggling for tips are transformed into the more abstract movements from contemporary dance.

2. Out of Frame
Out of Frame is part of the experiment of delivering contemporary dance in unexpected places. This dance movie aims at reconstructing this event through the eye of those who have experienced it; also, it dives into what lingers inside us after the moving body from the performance is gone.

3.  9 ½ Finger
Experimental short film.                                                                                                      Awards

The closer one gets, the less one sees
A film by Valeria Valenzuela and Lilyen Vass - Cameraman: Philippe Guinet -Producer: Claus Ruegner - Editor: Valeria Valenzuela - Music: Andreas Weiser - Sound: Pedro Rodrigues. Brazil, 2010.

Out of Frame
A film by Valeria Valenzuela and Cláudia Müller - Cameraman: Philippe Guinet - Editor: Valeria Valenzuela - Sound: Pedro Rodrigues. Brazil, 2007.

9 ½ Finger
A film by Valeria Valenzuela, Ilana Goldschmidt, Axel Gaube und Reiner Servos. Production: ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel. Germany, 1994.